Attic Antiks  249 Monadnock Highway, Swanzey, New Hampshire
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Estate & Costume Jewelry
Our inventory of Costume and Fine Jewelry is always changing. Mariam Haskell, Peninno, Georg Jensen, Julianna and Fahrner haved all rolled just never know!
Technology - Old & Newer
Industry & Agriculture
Art, Music & Literature
Traditional Antiques
Down-Sizing, Moving, Redecorating, Estate Liquidation?    We can help...
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Minutes from Keene - Light Years from Ordinary
​Our consignors sometimes present us with fascinating examples of technology from various periods. Tinkerers, Steampunk Fans, and Radio Heads are likely to score worthy finds here...
​We offer a variety of tools (hand, garden, automotive) some newer - but many of the collectible and finely crafted variety (precision USA).
We often accept musical instruments on consignment and usually have a great selection of vinyl, compact discs, books and other printed material on addition to a vast collection of decorative and Fine Art objects.
We place a high value on both Classical and Contemporary designs. Timeless pieces of Mid-Century furniture and household items are a staple offering at Attic Antiks!
And finally (of course), we offer a wide range of traditional antique and vintage items -  furniture, enamelware, toys, kitchen and household, ephemera, hardware, lighting, cast iron, tools, art, flooring, crystal, flatware, primitives, art objects, jewelry, coins, stamps, etc.
CAUTION: When you shop at Attic Antiks you are showing support for the local economy - each dollar that you spend here will remain at work in the Monadnock Region. Our merchandise is sourced locally, we import nothing and 62% of all sale proceeds are paid back to local Consignors. We purposely stock objects imbued with the power to transfix, transport, and elicit memories once forgotten. Step away from the Box Store - discover something unique...something that speaks to you.